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Make it Make Sense (EP) coming out January 27  

‘Soft’ vinyl has finally arrived, get it here
Yellow Ostrich

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Like a Bird: An Alex Schaaf Anthology (2010-2021) coming out on March 26th.  

The Mistress Deluxe Edition out now, get the vinyl here

Body of Mine

release date: April 23, 2021
on: Soft
as: Yellow Ostrich


i get up early
bruise on my thigh
internet tells me
i’m lucky to be alive
doctor’s office
was the only one there
i could read any magazine i wanted
but all i did was stare

at the deep shade of green
with little hints of blue
i don’t know what this body of mine is coming to

i get up early
to catch the 5
go downtown to the library
i’m anxious to survive
i look up answers
then i read the news
get so distracted by the world
that i forget the bruise

with its deep shade of blue
and little hints of green
i don’t know what this body of ours is gonna mean
i’m on my side now
and i’m giving up
i don’t know when this body of mine has had enough



oh i want to feel alright
it seems this will take some time
can you fix it with just a line
oh i would like you to drive

Cover art for Soft

Body of Mine
Yr Flaws
Last Summer
Unlikely Skies
Los Angeles
Too Much Love
album recorded in January 2020
at Lemay Shoals in Minneapolis, MN
engineered by Zach Hanson
mixed by Zach Hanson
mastered by Huntley Miller
cover art by Leah Monson

Marian Li-Pino - drums and vocals
Megan Mahoney - bass
Mike Noyce - guitar, vocals, textures
Jon Natchez - saxophone

Thanks to Leah Monson, Dave & Dennie Scott, Marian, Megan, Mikey and Zach, Kevin Scott, Josh Rosenfeld, Grant McCallum and everyone else at Barsuk Records, Jonah Lorsung, The Corona Boys (Play the Hits) - Marc, DJ and Dave, Jon Natchez, and all my friends and family that I forgot to mention.